At TMC Solutions, we use a simple 3 step method for all of our developments, large or small, that gives maximum clarity of purpose for our clients, minimum red tape, and complete transparency for both you and us.

The starting point of any of our developments or enhancements is the Requirements Specification. This makes clear your request in business terms. We have a template for our clients to complete and can help you with the process if desired.

From the Requirements Specification, we prepare the Program Specification for the client to approve. This is the details of the request in technical terms.

Once the Program Specification has been agreed upon, we submit the Contract for your approval. The Contract will specify details of payment terms and rate, inclusions and exclusions (e.g. implementation, UAT support, post-implementation support, etc.), deliverables, delivery dates, deadlines, checkpoints, and so on. We start work immediately the Contract is signed.

All our solutions are of course delivered fully documented (technical and user documentation), so that if you choose not to use us as your long term support, your in-house or outsourced support staff can take over from day one.